“Yuuge” Change

For residents of Albany, Georgia — like myself — this month has been rough.

As you may have heard, Albany was one of several places hammered by a deadly tornado yesterday. However, you may not have heard about the devastating storm that rocked Albany on January 2.

Tornadoes and straight-line winds trashed large portions of the community. People were without power for weeks. Some people are still without power despite the hard work for those charged with restoring it. Fallen trees litter the landscape.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman Christopher Cohilas posted to Facebook that he expects the damage to easily exceed $100 million in losses as he reached out for help:

This has been called by one of the national charities who have responded as the most under-reported disaster they have ever serviced. It is truly a travesty. News media draws resources and volunteers. We have received some great volunteers, but it is not enough. State resources have been provided (and we are very thankful) but they are inadequate to address our community’s needs. If you have the ability to influence media, and or share this information within your spheres of influence, I would ask that you do so. I serve as the County Commission Chair down here, and I have a lot of people who are hurting. It is sad.

In his last days in office, the silence from President Obama’s office was deafening, despite Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declaring the region a disaster area.

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