‘You’re Fired!’

“The Premier’s office took swift decisive action.”
“The Premier’s office took swift decisive action.”

For the NDP, it was a rather limp press release Monday.

Deputy leader Sara Singh, pinch hitting for the Queen of Hysteria Andrea Horwath, claimed Premier Doug Ford “has a lot to answer for” after he and his insiders “cooked up a new cabinet in the dead of night and behind closed doors.”

Singh went on to contend that Ford did so without explanation to Ontario families or the media.

“To remove and demote a number of ministers after just a few months is troubling,” Singh said.

The latter comment was echoed by many in the left-wing, pro-Kathleen Wynne media.

“The shuffle comes after four months!” read their tweets comparing Wynne’s first shuffle at one year, two months.

Well no, it’s not troubling at all.

It shows that Ford and his inner circle had the cojones to act on allegations of sexual misconduct — which according to a party insider, happened as a result of severe intoxication — against Economic Development and Trade minister Jim Wilson.

As soon as the Premier’s office became aware of it late Friday, Wilson was asked to resign from Cabinet and from the caucus — and the insider says he was even driven to rehab.


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