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There is no need for a “Special Counsel” when a DOJ Prosecutor is already working with IG Horowitz.
There is no need for a “Special Counsel” when a DOJ Prosecutor is already working with IG Horowitz.

It is important anyone interested in the FBI and DOJ investigation take the time to digest the details within Attorney General Jeff Sessions notification letter to congress outlining his previous appointment of U.S Attorney John Huber to parallel Inspector General Michael Horowitz as a prosecutor.

Do not trust the pundit filtration of content, take the time to read it yourself.


Absorbing the DOJ has a long-standing criminal investigation will likely create anxiety for those committed to an irrational intolerance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions; but the substance remains evident regardless of sentiment.

The Bigger Picture – If we accept the historic context for DOJ official communication stemming from the IG investigation, it would appear the notification letter is timed with the conclusion of investigative evidence collection. As such, the timing is safe for the DOJ to reveal the name of the prosecutor many previously refused to believe existed.

There was  already an appointed person, a prosecutor, from “outside of Washington”, in place prior to the recent request for a Special Counsel by Goodlatte and Gowdy. That was exactly what an objective analysis of the events previously outlined – and we previously noted.

Attorney Jeff Sessions previously outlined the existence of an outside prosecutor who has been in place for quite a while, exactly as we thought.  All the evidence of this was/is clear if you follow the granular details closely. Here’s how we figure it out; and also the reason why no-one in Washington DC -including congress and the president- was previously aware, until today.

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stephen p
stephen p

Thanks Jack for posting this article and your comments, an excellent summary of what are presently fast moving developments. . The Washington DC swamp, as broad as it is wide and deep, houses creatures of all stripes and agendas. If President Trump had not fully discerned the scale of the entity he had promised “to drain” before November 8, 2016, he no doubt became acutely aware of same by Inauguration Day. . When one effects a hostile “take-over” of a business, and make no mistake his election was a hostile takeover, one starts with a small team of loyalists whose… Read more »