Who’s Insane?

Merely three weeks into his presidency, and the left is already questioning President Donald Trump’s mental health.

Of course, it’s an effort to delegitimize the new president, and, quite frankly, isn’t very original. Hillary Clinton made her entire campaign about Mr. Trump’s temperament and fitness for office. Politico ran a story in October titled: “Could America elect a mentally ill president?”

And Mr. Trump still won.

Nevertheless, Democrats are at it again, desperately trying to convince the people who elected Mr. Trump that they were wrong, that he really, truly is unfit for office. They’re doubling down on their crazy, determined to set us deplorables straight.

The latest attack was spearheaded by Sen. Al Franken this weekend, when he told HBO’s Bill Maher that Democrats aren’t the only ones questioning Mr. Trump’s mental health — it’s his Republican colleagues as well.

“There’s a range in what they’ll say,” Mr. Franken said of what he’s heard from his GOP colleagues behind closed doors. “And some will say that he’s not right mentally. And some are harsher.”

It got great laughs on the anti-Trump entertainment program. But then he ran the punchline into the newsier Sunday morning shows.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Mr. Franken clarified, saying it was only a “few” GOP senators who thought Mr. Trump was crazy and continued to hold fast to his notion that Mr. Trump is out of his mind.

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Having an ex daughter in law who is a properly diagnosed narcissist I have developed an interest in narcissistic people. Trump displays non of the symptoms that my ex daughter in law displays but Obama matches them to a T.