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Mueller's office is thumbing its nose at us.
Mueller’s office is thumbing its nose at us.

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) destroyed a potential treasure trove of evidence about the “insurance policy” Trump-haters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were implementing against the Trump administration as it prepared to take office and establish itself in its first few months. Whatever the purported lovebirds texted each other and others during the tumultuous period, the ACO thought was not worth scrutiny by outsiders not on the team.

Given the scandalous earlier texts between the two released by the OIG, this claim is so arrogant that it would be laughable, but for the profound implications of a rogue law enforcement operation covering its tracks, secure in its belief that it will never be prosecuted thanks to Deep State operatives throughout the FBI and DoJ.

We learn of this destruction of evidence only now thanks to the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General, headed by Michael Horowitz, who issued a report on its investigation of the “gap” in the text messages of the two from 12/15/16 to 5/17/17.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation upon being notified of a gap in text message data collection during the period December 15, 2016, through May 17, 2017, from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mobile devices assigned to FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page relevant to a matter being investigated by the OIG’s Oversight and Review Division. Specifically, the OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office (CYB ER) was asked to attempt recovery of these missing text messages for the referenced period from FBI issued mobile devices issued to Strzok and Page.

But when the OIG went looking for the phones. There were two different sets of smart phones in use by Strzok and Page, apparently. The SCO issued iPhones to them, in addition to Samsung Galaxy phones that the FBI had utilized. Those SCO-issued iPhones, like dead men, will tell no tales:


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