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Gas pipes on fire at the Kerem Shalom goods crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip, May 11, 2018
Gas pipes on fire at the Kerem Shalom goods crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip, May 11, 2018

Palestinian rioters in the Gaza Strip on Friday set fire to gas pipes serving the territory as well as electricity infrastructure and a conveyor belt used to transfer goods into the Strip, the Israeli military said.

The IDF said dozens of protesters sabotaged infrastructure on the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom goods crossing, in a repeat of a similar incident last Friday.

Photos showed a massive blaze raging on the Palestinian side of the site.

According to Haaretz, the infrastructure hit is worth over NIS 30 million (over $8 million).

The IDF said that during last week’s incident, Palestinians broke into the Palestinian side of the crossing and damaged pipelines carrying gas and oil into Gaza, which already suffers from a severe energy shortage.

“This is a cynical act that harms the welfare of Gaza residents and the humanitarian efforts carried out by Israel and many other countries,” the army said at the time.

Kerem Shalom is the main crossing for goods and humanitarian aid to pass into Strip from Israel.

Around 15,000 Palestinians took part in protests along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel Friday, in the finally weekly “March of Return” before next week’s Nakba Day events on May 14 and 15, when the violent demonstrations are expected to reach their peak.

The Israeli army said violent protesters clashed with Israeli soldiers at five major points along the border. Troops were attacked with pipe bombs, grenades, rocks and burning tires. Rioters also attempted to sabotage “security infrastructure,” the army said.


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