Voters Are Being Screwed

Time for Ontario's Conservatives to spell out where they stand.
Time for Ontario’s Conservatives to spell out where they stand.

Patrick Brown reminds me of a really bad boyfriend. The more you find out about him, the worse it gets. There’s something sneaky and sharp about the way he operates. His taste for age-inappropriate women is a little creepy. Everything is always all about him. Add it up and he’s just too weird. So you break up with him. But he won’t go away! He busts back into your apartment and demands another chance. You give in. You wonder if he’s going to boil your bunny.

That’s how most of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party must be feeling right about now: Bullied by a guy they want no part of, and desperate to move on. The voters of Ontario are desperate too. Fifteen years of Liberal rule have led them to a state of simmering mutiny. Four out of five of them, according to one poll, would vote for a tree stump before they’d vote for Kathleen Wynne.

But it might not be a Tory stump. It might be an NDP stump instead. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is now the most popular politician in the province, if only by default. History shows that even the NDP can win in Ontario if the voters are fed up enough.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s grand old Tory party is devouring itself with infighting, backstabbing, and allegations of membership fraud on a massive scale. Why are we only finding out about these things now? Who was covering up before? Just three months and a bit before the election in June, it has no leader, no platform, and next to no credibility. How can you expect these guys to run the biggest province in the country when they can’t even govern themselves?


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