USSR Reborn?

THE EUROPEAN Union is starting to take on the hated traits of the old Soviet Union, according to a controversial advertising guru currently splitting opinion in Germany and Switzerland.

Advertising guru Alexander Segert said the EU elite were operating like the old Soviet politburo imposing centralized one-size-fits-all rules and values on everyone in the community.

He added: “They are trying to bring different mentalities and cultures under one roof and level them. And people don’t like that.”

Segert is a deeply divisive figure who has produced some of the most jaw-dropping political and anti-migrant ad campaigns seen in Switzerland in decades – yet the former journalist insists he has a vital role to play in current politics.

Mr Segert was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany but moved to Switzerland after what he called an “EU shift towards centralism”.

The leader of Swiss ad agency Goal AG has been labelled a fascist, a nazi and a perpetrator of hate.

Yet the man behind the controversial campaigns insists the EU has begun to resemble the Soviet Union – a place where there is no room for alternative opinion.


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Not just the EU. Take a good, close look at the bloated bureaucracies in the US and especially in Canada … and you’ll see the same centralized, one size fits all mentality … with the full weight of the state to enforce their edicts upon a populace that never wanted it.