Uranium One – A Primer

Not only the Clintons are implicated in a uranium deal with the Russians that compromised national-security interests.
Not only the Clintons are implicated in a uranium deal with the Russians that compromised national-security interests.

Jack’s Note: If you were a bit confused by Rod Rosenstein’s blatantly apparent obfuscation the other day while testifying to congress I note ‘he had his reasons’. I looked them up and the links follow. Finally I have the video of the entire session which will appear at the bottom of this entry. I don’t know what you will make of it all but I sure as hell know what I’ve decided and it isn’t good news for Rosenstein or the deep state he represents. This entry is a history lesson if you will and I feel the United States citizens damned near lost their country to a gang of highly organized thieves.

It is also noteworthy in my view that there is enough information in the following links to build a ‘prima facie‘ case of criminal conspiracy under the RICO Act, apply for warrants and make arrests.  This is no different at base than dealing with any other form of organized crime. Why it hasn’t happened yet is a matter best explained by Jeff Sessions. So far I find his vacillating on this matter deeply disturbing and I’m wondering if he is so badly compromised that he cannot act.  Perhaps that is another question that needs to be addressed.

Let’s put the Uranium One scandal in perspective: The cool half-million bucks the Putin regime funneled to Bill Clinton was five times the amount it spent on those Facebook ads — the ones the media-Democrat complex ludicrously suggests swung the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

The Facebook-ad buy, which started in June 2015 — before Donald Trump entered the race — was more left-wing agitprop (ads pushing hysteria on racism, immigration, guns, etc.) than electioneering. The Clintons’ own long-time political strategist Mark Penn estimates that just $6,500 went to actual electioneering. (You read that right: 65 hundred dollars.) By contrast, the staggering $500,000 payday from a Kremlin-tied Russian bank for a single speech was part of a multi-million-dollar influence-peddling scheme to enrich the former president and his wife, then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton. At the time, Russia was plotting — successfully — to secure U.S. government approval for its acquisition of Uranium One, and with it, tens of billions of dollars in U.S. uranium reserves.

Here’s the kicker: The Uranium One scandal is not only, or even principally, a Clinton scandal. It is an Obama-administration scandal.

The Clintons were just doing what the Clintons do: cashing in on their “public service.” The Obama administration, with Secretary Clinton at the forefront but hardly alone, was knowingly compromising American national-security interests. The administration green-lighted the transfer of control over one-fifth of American uranium-mining capacity to Russia, a hostile regime — and specifically to Russia’s state-controlled nuclear-energy conglomerate, Rosatom. Worse, at the time the administration approved the transfer, it knew that Rosatom’s American subsidiary was engaged in a lucrative racketeering enterprise that had already committed felony extortion, fraud, and money-laundering offenses.

The Obama administration also knew that congressional Republicans were trying to stop the transfer. Consequently, the Justice Department concealed what it knew. DOJ allowed the racketeering enterprise to continue compromising the American uranium industry rather than commencing a prosecution that would have scotched the transfer. Prosecutors waited four years before quietly pleading the case out for a song, in violation of Justice Department charging guidelines. Meanwhile, the administration stonewalled Congress, reportedly threatening an informant who wanted to go public.

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