UN Farce

Republican leadership on the Hill is waiting for Trump to take the lead


WASHINGTON — As the House of Representatives plans to vote on a resolution this week that will condemn the UN for its targeting of Israel, its leadership has already planned additional measures sure to please the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and its allies in Washington.

Over the course of the next hundred days, Republicans hope to punish the UN for its passage of a resolution condemning Israel over its settlement enterprise and Iran over its destabilizing actions in neighboring Middle East nations.

Members of the House and Senate are considering legislation that would cut funding to the UN after its vote. But it is “too early” to draft such legislation, said one senior congressional aide familiar with the deliberations, because leadership is not yet clear on the direction that incoming President Donald Trump will choose to go on the matter.

“Folks seem to want to see how President Trump defines our relationship with the UN before we talk about funding,” the aide told The Jerusalem Post.

Several GOP members are optimistic the Trump administration would support additional actions. But legislation sanctioning the UN would likely face Democratic opposition— even in the context of defending Israel from future condemnations.


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