UK Political Situation Worsens

Theresa May is on course for a massive defeat of her Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday, it has been revealed.
Theresa May is on course for a massive defeat of her Withdrawal Agreement on Tuesday, it has been revealed.

THERESA May is heading for a trouncing in next week’s Withdrawal Agreement vote despite considering a move to cave in to Labour demands on Brexit to win their backing for her maligned deal.

Latest research shows the Prime Minister is facing a humiliating defeat on Tuesday by a colossal 228 vote margin. Just 206 MPs are set to vote with the government while an insurmountable 433 are ready to reject the divorce deal. Political analysts had previously suggested the Prime Minister was hoping for a narrow defeat which could spur the EU into renegotating after realising a deal could be close to crossing the finish line.

However the latest blow to the Prime Minister could see her accepting her deal is worthless and being left with no choice but to resign, call a general election or hold a second referendum.

The revelation came as Theresa May considers supporting Labour demands to safeguard workers’ rights using legislation that would enshrine EU standards as the Brexit Day clock ticks louder.

With just 78 days to go until the UK leaves the European Union, Mrs May is looking at introducing an amendment that would keep the bloc’s rules on pay and conditions, health and safety and environmental standards.

The move comes as the Prime Minister suffered a fifth Commons defeat in less than a month yesterday as Parliament continued to wrestle Mrs May’s deal out of her grasp.


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