Turnbull To Resign

‘Oh hi, Tone, I have one final thing to say.’
‘Oh hi, Tone, I have one final thing to say.’

With his Prime Ministership in tatters after a string of Ministers deserted him and former home affairs minister Peter Dutton priming for the role, the PM finally faced the cameras.

And what he gave Australians was the sort of performance we hadn’t seen from him in a long while.

And a big up yours to Mr Dutton.

And former prime minister Tony Abbott.

And the MPs sniping within the party room.

But of course it was too little too late.

When the party room meeting is held at midday tomorrow, the PM will stand aside and the Liberals will elect a new leader.

And he’ll leave in a way that Mr Abbott never did when he was rolled by Mr Turnbull in 2015.

When asked if he would stay on as Wentworth MP he had this biting response aimed directly at Mr Abbott.


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