Now that Justin Trudeau has taken the first steps into President Donald Trump’s circle of trust, he may want to turn his attention back to serious trust issues back here in Canada.

A new, international “trust index” released today contained some troubling news for the prime minister and his Liberal brand: Canadians’ trust in government has eroded profoundly since Trudeau took power 15 months ago.

Edelman, the public-relations firm that compiles the annual index, has put Canada into the “distruster” nation category for the first time in the 17-year history of the global survey. “Distrusters” are nations in which most people express distrust in their civic institutions.

Edelman executives were using words like “remarkable” and “dramatic” at the launch of the 2017 trust index’s results in Toronto on Tuesday morning. They were also warning that Canada is assembling all the ingredients for the kind of populist eruption that overturned the established order in the United States and Britain last year.

The evidence? According to the index, one in two Canadians fears that newcomers to the country are “damaging our economy and national culture.” A full 80 per cent agreed that elites were “out of touch” with regular people and 40 per cent agreed that they were being unfairly denied access to the education and opportunities they needed to get ahead.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents — 61 per cent — said they didn’t have confidence in the country’s leaders to address the challenges facing the nation.

If you’re wondering what kind of data Kellie Leitch is relying on to back up her Conservative leadership pitches against “elites” and for subjecting immigrants to “Canadian values” tests, look no further.

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Every single one of these failed (aka bogus) refugee claimants from the USA and now Canadian border jumpers immediately have a warm safe place to sleep, good clothes and 3 squares a day. At the very same time there are still a shortage of warm beds, decent clothing and food for our Canadian homeless. Every one of these failed (aka bogus) refugee claimants from the USA and now Canadian border jumpers immediately gets a hospital bed if needed. At the very same time Canadians in legitimate need of medical treatment await a hospital bed to become available to their own… Read more »


I’m not going to say much about this entry other than to point out that both Susan and Anthony Furey have nailed this situation perfectly, not to mention the folks who put out the study referred to. The simple truth is that Canadian voters are fed up being treated like mushrooms…”Kept in the dark and fed bullshit” (I’m one of them)…and unless our self appointed “elites” grasp the message imparted they are going to be in very deep trouble by the time the next general election comes around. More coming on their problem in the morning and it’s very serious.… Read more »