DONALD TRUMP’S desire to strike a US-UK trade deal could spell the end of the European Union with other member states likely wanting to replicate it, the man tipped to be his Brussels envoy has said.

The President-elect, who is to be inaugurated this Friday, has invited Theresa May to visit him in Washington and wants a trade agreement to be secured between the countries very quickly.

Ted Malloch, who has met with Mr Trump and is being linked with the role as his EU envoy, has claimed the President-elect is “committed” to the deal and it is up to Mrs May to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty so the process can get underway.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Professor Malloch said: “I believe he is committed, as many of us have suggested to him, that such a deal could be done. And, if you want to do something you can facilitate it and it can be done in an expeditious manner.

“I would hope on the day Britain triggers Article 50, Mrs May will be able to announce we’ve just started discussions with the United States – an even larger market for free trade.”

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I look forward to the collapse of the UESR (Union of European Socialist Republics). And I suspect many of Europeans are too.


I was beginning to wonder about Theresa May … but it looks like she truly is committed to Brexit. The EU’s days are numbered … and it can’t come soon enough.