Trudeau’s Winning Ways

The 46-year-old appears to have a vast collection of novelty socks - including a whole array in a Star Wars theme.
The 46-year-old appears to have a vast collection of novelty socks – including a whole array in a Star Wars theme.

His trip to India may have began without a bump but Canadian leader Justin Trudeau has another method of diplomacy up his sleeve… or pants leg.

Trudeau was snubbed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who failed to meet them at the airport and instead sent a junior agriculture minister.

It was far cry from when former US President Barack Obama and the leaders of Israel and the UAE made the trip, with Modi patiently waiting for them on the tarmac.

But it appears Trudeau has decided to launch a charm offensive to win over Modi, by putting his best foot forward in a set of Darth Vader socks.

The footwear may seem an unusual choice for a world leader but it appears that the Canadian Prime Minister may be attempting to bond with Modi over their shared love of Star Wars.

The Indian Prime Minister made headlines of his own last July when he decided to exit a speech on corruption at the Institute of Chartered Accountants to the villainous Vader’s Imperial March.


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Darth Vader socks? This is a joke, right? No, it isn’t? OMG what a juvenile. Judging by his conduct abroad especially, the world is his Disneyland adventure and his official plane is his own personal Space Mountain Ride. What an international embarrassment for Canada and laughing stock to the rest of the world. Obviously they have got him figured out to a tee. Come next election we’ll find out if Canadians are as astute.