Trudeau’s Raging Dumpster Fire

Shouldn’t Trudeau also be measured by the “I believe her” standard?
Shouldn’t Trudeau also be measured by the “I believe her” standard?

Our prime minister has been doing a lot of “reflecting” lately. It’s what someone who is “woke” and a male “feminist” does these days.

So let’s do a thought exercise and all reflect with Justin Trudeau on what has unfolded over the course of the last few weeks.

An editorial from August 2000 in the Creston Valley Advance resurfaces with allegations a young Trudeau apologized to a reporter for “inappropriately handling” her. The Prime Minister’s Office eventually issued a statement and says Trudeau didn’t “remember any negative interactions” at the Creston Music Festival, where the alleged grope happened. It’s a bizarre statement Trudeau repeated when forced to in the face of mounting media pressure to explain the allegations.

As he continued his explanation tour the rest of the week, Trudeau followed up his lack of memory of the incident by suggesting men and women remember things differently. He told CP24’s Stephanie Smyth “In terms of my recollection there was no untoward or inappropriate action but she was in a professional context. Who knows where her mind was and I fully respect her ability to experience something differently.”

He then prattled on about our “collective awakening” and tried to remind us of his feminist bona fides saying “I would never presume to speak for her or to have a perspective on how she should feel or should act on this.”

He also added that there is no need for an investigation.

So why apologize? “Again, I’ve been reflecting…”

And what of his responsibility in all of this? He’s still reflecting on that.

Let’s now reflect on what the reporter and author of the editorial had to say.


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Quite apart from a 28 year old man acting like a 16 year old boy on a ‘hot date’ I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t part of something larger ie and attempt to get rid of Trudeau before the US kills the Canadian auto industry. Maybe Canadian deep state thinks that if it can get rid of the clueless PM Canada can send in an adult to smooth the waters and make a deal with Trump that helps both Canada and the US. All I know is that Trudeau’s grope is the smallest issue I have with him.