Trudeau’s Ill Considered Blunder

Licensed producers are very busy getting very rich selling cannabis to other countries.
Licensed producers are very busy getting very rich selling cannabis to other countries.

Terrible dope shortages haunt the land. Illegal dealers push their shoddy wares on the unsuspecting. Oh, the horror! Etc.

Once all the various levels of government have finished blaming one another for the stalled launch of legal cannabis, here’s what’s left:

1) Many disgruntled vets of the illegal industry who have been shut out by a greedy government.

2) Meaningless police raids and new draconian laws.

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, a poll done at the end of 2018 showed that one-third of cannabis users in Canada were still buying from an illegal dealer.

The same article has specialists suggesting that the government’s need to control everything can only have bad results. Why exclude small growers and people who’ve worked in the black market industry for years when officials could have used their experience, their expertise … and their cannabis supply?

Brock University’s Dan Malleck, an expert in drug and alcohol regulation, says the government “should have created a mechanism that allowed illegal producers to move quickly into the legal producing system.”

All that illicit herb would have come with them. That would have helped any cannabis shortage.


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