Have you noticed a pattern yet?
Have you noticed a pattern yet?

The Trudeau government has once again introduced legislation that will hurt Canadian companies while helping their foreign competitors.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest move is not only hurtful to everyone who works in the oil and gas industry, it’s harmful to all the tax-paying companies and workers across Canada that supply parts, supplies and services to Canada’s energy industry.

The situation involves Bill C-69, legislation that was tabled by the federal government earlier this year. If passed, the legislation would complicate the process for reviewing energy projects.

According to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), the legislation would have a devastating impact. If Bill C-69 passes, CEPA notes, “it is difficult to imagine that a new major pipeline could be built in Canada.”

Among many new changes, the legislation would expand the current consultation process with aboriginal communities as well as require “gender-based analysis” before a Canadian energy project proceeds.

Keep in mind the mandatory consultation and review process is already extensive. For example, the new Trans Mountain pipeline project in British Columbia took three years to receive approval.

Given Ottawa’s proposed new requirements for Canadian projects, we decided to ask the Trudeau government if foreign oil would also have to go through “gender based analysis” and consultations with aboriginal communities before it could enter Canada.

After all, Canadian women in the oil and gas sector, as well as aboriginal people who work in that field, are adversely impacted every time Ottawa makes it easier to import foreign oil than it is to buy Canadian products.


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