Trudeau Suffers From Implausibility

The prime minister called up the almost faded memories of the great equivocator himself.
The prime minister called up the almost faded memories of the great equivocator himself.

“What are you saying? Of course we didn’t. The idea that I, or anyone who works in my office, would interfere or pressure the Justice Minister in her proper role as the guardian of the rule of law — so much as lift an eyebrow when she is in the room — is preposterous, insulting, and absolutely and without qualification FALSE. And to be doubly clear on this, I’d instantly fire anyone who even brought up a whisper of a suggestion of it.”

Apart from proving that I’ll never be a playwright, the above smidgen of invented response is meant to display how a party leader would naturally speak when a newspaper has questioned his honour and the honour of his government on a matter as profound as attempting to influence the course of justice or pressure a justice minister in her function as guardian of the rule of law.

The denial would be energetic, spontaneously expressed, a rush of words thrown back at the questioner and directly addressing the point of the question.

It would not be some bloodless sentence, exquisitely phrased, designed in committee by crisis-management teams, evasive and equivocal, and delivered in a frozen robotic monotone with all the passion of some of those painfully overacted Heritage Moments we lately hear so much about.

The prime minister in responding to a direct question on the SNC-Lavalin affair went the bloodless, pre-written, robotic route: “Neither the current nor the previous attorney general was ever directed by me or by anyone in my office to take a decision in this matter.” As the always perspicuous Chris Selley noted in these pages, “Interestingly, no one had alleged what he denied.”


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Jack’s Note: Listen closely to the second video (about 20 minutes long) and what Rex is saying about our country and the hidden wealth we possess. I’ve been telling people for years that Canada is so rich in natural resources we can ‘quite literally’ pave our streets with gold and yet we suffer fools in our governments who are doing everything they can to deny our destiny as they play word games and in the process destroy everything our ancestors worked so hard to build. As Rex says it is ‘lunacy’ but here we have it. Special interests, especially coming from the United States are working very hard to bankrupt us by pandering for laws that hogtie us. It is to cry but we can wake up and fire these people and in my view, we should. The little ones who follow us are owed that much and we should honor their future by making the dream all real for them once again. It’s the very least we can do as a nation.

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