Trudeau Strikes Out Again

Someone is going to have to pay for all of this overspending.
Someone is going to have to pay for all of this overspending.

Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in hot water for the latest in a string of odd remarks.

This time around, it was the PM’s strange claims about low-income Canadians and taxes that sparked a round of furor.

“We see proof that the Conservatives simply don’t understand that low-income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes,” Trudeau said in Question Period last Tuesday.

It was a stunning remark that upset regular Canadians who do pay taxes. A whole lot of taxes.

There were a number of problems with the statement, not the least of which is that it wasn’t true.

As Brian Lilley explained in a column: “Someone earning just $28,000 a year in Ottawa – the equivalent of minimum wage in Ontario – will pay $4,782 in taxes.”

And it’s not just income taxes that low-income Canadians shell out for – but sales taxes, sin taxes, the upcoming carbon tax and more.

But what the reaction to Trudeau inadvertently did was distract from the original question. Trudeau’s odd comment was a response to a question from Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre.


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