Trudeau Mistakes Continue

The backlog is huge, the costs are getting huger!
The backlog is huge, the costs are getting huger!

The federal government announced late last week that they will give $50 million to the provinces in order to defray the costs of the illegal border crossers.

It’s a pure Justin Trudeau answer, don’t act, just spend money. Other people’s money.

In the end I think this experiment will cost us billions. But veterans are asking for more than we can give as Trudeau famously said.

From the $50 million, Quebec will take $36 million since they have the overwhelming majority of the people pouring across at Roxham Road. Ontario will get $11 million and Manitoba $3 million.

The money just keeps adding up.

Let’s add this to the money spent building a refugee camp at the border. We can add it to the $173 million that was allocated in the budget for better processing times. Also the unknown cost of relocating some 800 Canada Border Services Agents from the Toronto area to the Quebec-New York border.

Justin Trudeau’s tweet sure is expensive.

Last fall the cost of each failed asylum claimant was estimated at $15-20,000. Michael MacDonald, Director General at Citizenship and Immigration gave that figure to the House of Commons Public Safety Committee.

“It varies with the individual case, but overall, as a general estimate, one can look at anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. I think we’ll give you a more precise response, but it very much does vary,” MacDonald told the committee last September.

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