‘Toxic Twin’

New footage released by Nasa shows exactly what it looks like to land on an alien world.

It may seem like stuff of science fiction, but the scenes in the new video happened in real life, 12 years ago.

The stunning video was captured when the space agency’s Huygens probe descended onto the mysterious world of Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon.

Before Nasa’s Cassini probe captured the most detailed images of Saturn ever seen, it dropped its companion Huygens on the planet’s largest moon, Titan – also known as Earth’s toxic twin.

The video includes an animation showing this moment.

The new footage has been released by Nasa to mark the nearing end of the Cassini mission, as the spacecraft is due to descend in a self-destruct mission into fiery Saturn in September this year.

Huygens, a European Space Agency project, travelled to Titan as the companion to Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft.


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