Toronto’s NDP Trouble

Toronto school board trustee Cary-Meagher apologises.
Look at her.  This is socialism on full display.

We might call this saga, “Hate means never having to say you’re sorry(to a Conservative.)”

Like an Emperor returning to Rome, Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustee and avowed NDPer Sheila Cary-Meagher ended her nearly three-month leave of absence Wednesday night with a teary-eyed apology to her fellow trustees.

It was worth an Academy Award–well a nomination, at least.

The 32-year trustee –first asking her colleagues to indulge her if she a got a “bit teary” — reiterated the apology she’d offered them in February when she took her leave for her “objectionable comments.”

The invective — uttered several times during a November expulsion hearing — included the use of both “dyke” and “bitch” to characterize an out lesbian.

I later learned, after Cary-Meagher had gone on paid leave, that the person she was referring to was none other than me.

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Jack’s Note: Almost six decades ago I was a student in a small public school located in Hornepayne, Ontario (Grade Eight as I recall) and we had a principal, also our history teacher, by the name of John Cook. I recall him well and he was given to repeatedly warn his students of the dangers of socialism (he was ranting about communism at that time…same thing). So much so we always left the class laughing at him because we all thought he was nuts. I’m not laughing anymore. The lessons he taught me “back in the day” have only in the past couple of decades (I’m a slow learner)  begun to bear fruit because, unbeknownst to me and my classmates at the time, he was prescient in predicting our future.

My concern these days (one of many) is the sex education our children are receiving in the classrooms of the largest city in the nation and that is why I supported Tanya Granic Allen throughout her candidacy for the Ontario PC party leadership. And why I still support her.

I do not agree with teaching young children about anal sex or any other method of “getting off” and if my children were attending such a school I would remove them immediately.  I think better of them and in no way would I permit the local government to dictate what they learned in a topic so personal…a family affair if you will.  That does not mean I dislike the gay lifestyle but I feel they have to find that for themselves.  Sue-Ann is a fine example.  I do not admire her for her lifestyle…that’s her business.  I admire her for her mind and that is the be all-end all when she comes down on people who do not reflect conservative values.  The lady is correct as are so many others.

Socialism and the values their followers persist in pandering is a beast that endangers everything our forefathers fought and died for. A turning of ancient dreams long taught to children like I was at one time. Whether you look at the Liberal party (provincial, federal or municipal) and think you are getting something different than the NDP or the Greens you are not. They are all of a piece: Liberals=NDP=Greens and there is nothing to choose between any of them. Even the conservatives are being infiltrated by them and they are influencing our politics everywhere in a way detrimental to the country our ancestors have built.

I object because I am disgusted by the stupid reasoning this crowd continues to pander and I want to thank John Cook and all the others like him who planted the seed long ago, now fully blossomed, that represents the “me” in the here and now. I am “awoke” as are many others and the thoughts and dreams of people like Sheila Cary-Meagher are dying on the vine. I think John Cook, wherever he is now, would be extremely pleased by the effort he made in those long ago times as “lefty propaganda” fails to take hold and now elderly students recall a future far different than that which they pander.  A future which has and always will be the Canada I spent my life supporting.

“God bless, John” and have I mentioned that three BC “Green” politicians are holding an entire country hostage?

I think so in an earlier entry.

You were one of a kind and more of our teachers should follow you’re fine example (faint hope I know).

And “Ohhhh”…regarding Meagher…the TDSB should kick her to the curb.  Her day is past as are the hopes and dreams of all who think like her.

That isn’t my dream.  It is the dream of millions who love their country.


“End Of Message”….

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