Toronto Council Fails To Learn

Councillor Michael Thompson (L) huddles with Mayor John Tory at a March 7 committee meeting.
Councillor Michael Thompson (L) huddles with Mayor John Tory at a March 7 committee meeting.

Perhaps we should call this a classic case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

It was a mere six months ago — at the end of July — when Premier Doug Ford downsized Toronto city council from 44 seat-warmers to 25.

Ford said at the time his goal was to reduce duplication, as well as the cost and size of Toronto’s bloated government.

But it seems the message just didn’t sink in with the 25 entitled terribly hard-done-by councillors left standing. Humility and respecting taxpayers doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of most of them.

First they gave Ford the giant finger by voting to double their office salary budgets to $482,000 and hike their expense accounts to $50,000.

With their taxpayer-funded $482,000 salary budgets in hand, they promptly proceeded to load up their offices with an army of minions, some with fancy titles like Advisor Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives (in Kristyn Wong-Tam’s office) and Coordinator Legislative Affairs and Communications (for council’s jet-setter Michael Thompson).

Continuing on the theme of self-importance, eleven of them figured what they really needed (to prop up their over-inflated egos) were Chiefs of Staff.

Stephen Holyday said he’s surprised his colleagues have hired chiefs of staff, noting they’re councillors, not ministers and their roles are essentially the same even though they serve more constituents.

“We should save the office budgets to widen the doorways to fit our egos through,” he said.


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