Before I begin I want all my visitors to look carefully at the above picture and ask themselves how a civilization that had yet to invent the wheel managed to carve a single stone to such exacting specifications many thousands of years ago.  When elders in the area are asked about it they have no idea who did it.

“It was always there.”


One of my pastimes, usually in the evening, is directed to the pursuit of information on our very ancient past and I’m not referring to three of four thousand years ago.  Rather, I’m following information that goes back more than four hundred thousand years and the clues that have been left behind by the ancients.

Surprisingly, not the ancients we normally associate with the development of our human civilization.  It’s much more than that and what I am learning is very surprising.

To lead on, all of this interest began with several books written by Erich von Däniken I read ages ago which I found interesting but paid little heed to until I read a book written by Charles Hapgood which is an excellent read in and of itself.  Entitled “The path of the pole” it goes into the idea of several pole shifts (not magnetic…literal shifts) over the millennia and helps to explain the stories of the great flood and the disappearance of Atlantis, which remains only a legend to this day.  There is much more in it to support Hapgood’s theory but it interested Albert Einstein enough that he wrote the forward to the book and recommended the ideas be followed up.

They haven’t because scientists are bought and paid for by hidden interests who depend on the grants they receive to feed their families and live the lifestyles that they do.  We see this all the time with all the shouting and screaming about “global warming”, “Church of Gore” and all the bullshit that goes with it.  So it’s no surprise to me that any type of news which tends to burst their personal “bubbles” will be fought vigorously.

Regardless, facts (and they are facts) tend to disrupt their innocent dreams from time to time and folks like Zecharia Sitchen tend to upset them a lot.  I’ve read all his books and it’s no surprise to me that he is being put down continually, even though now dead, by the same sorry bunch that have done so all along simply because he, like Hapgood, has burst their self protecting bubble and they tend to fight back with arguments that are baseless on their face.

Image result for lake titicaca + great floodWhich brings me to a very ancient city called Tiwanaku, which exists on the southern shore of what is now the highest inland lake in the world.  If I understand correctly this lake was not that high at one time and pictures in the books referenced show an ancient shoreline very different from that now found in the present day.  The earthquake that caused this situation happened, according to Hapgood, around the time pinpointed by Sitchen and others (think ‘Great Flood’) and the existing civilization that lived there at the time was much further advanced and a great deal larger than pandered by those who are ignoring what is right in front of their faces for reasons best known only to them.

The story gets better as we read into the history of the Sphinx and great pyramid in Egypt, stones carved to a staggering exactness weighing more than a thousand tons and moved not just from one point to another but raised to impossible heights.  Technology we still have not mastered.

How did all this happen?

I don’t know but one thing is for certain.  There is much to be learned “out there” if we wander off the beaten track and start to think for ourselves.  I’ve always been that way both in my career and in my off time as I try to satisfy a mind that is always questioning.

Further, I tend to deal in hard facts and this is a fact that cannot be ignored:

Image result for peru stones ancient

How did this happen?  More importantly, who did it?

The stones pictured are part of the ancient city of Sacsayhuaman in Peru and nobody knows how the ancients did it, unless of course you wander off the beaten track and accept the explanation that there were gods walking the earth at one time, not the God, just advanced visitors from another world who had the scientific knowledge to construct with ease something we today would find very difficult to recreate.

Today billions are being spent searching for extraterrestrial civilizations when the simple truth is that the evidence of their existence lies all around us.  And have I mentioned the “Ice Ages”?

There were none (Hapgood explained it all).

What really happened with the most recent one is that around 15,000 years ago the north pole was centered in Hudson’s Bay…and then the earth shifted…suddenly.  To the point where it exists today.  And mammoths died, suddenly, with buttercups in their teeth.

One day and one night and a continent disappeared (Atlantis) and today our scientists (highly paid mind you) can’t begin to think outside the box.  I wonder about that sometimes and so should everyone else who is paying attention.  We’re paying out a lot of money in taxation for pure garbage and I don’t know how my readers feel about that but I sure know how I react.

They really piss me off.

We pay a lot of money to gain “truth” wherever it may lie and I am sick and tired of being treated like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed bullshit, so that our political and scientific “elite” can maintain their somewhat exaggerated lifestyles in the manner they are accustomed to.

We can do better and we should insist upon it.

© Jack Davies

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