This Is No Surprise

The cover of “Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau” by Jocelyn Coulon. (Submitted Photo)
The cover of “Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau” by Jocelyn Coulon. (Submitted Photo)

Looked at from afar, it seemed that the world was Justin Trudeau’s oyster. Loved by the selfie-seeking public. The international media gushing over him. The voters handing him a whopping majority.

(And, to be clear, we’re talking about before “peoplekind” and the India fiasco. The time before the fall.)

Given all this, it’s only logical to assume that up close, within the family, an even stronger love then emanated from Liberal circles towards Trudeau, right? Perhaps not.

A growing chorus of Liberals are coming out of the woodwork, both on and off the record, to engage in criticism of Canada’ prime minister.

The latest is prominent Quebec journalist and political adviser Jocelyn Coulon. A long-standing close confidante of Stephane Dion’s, Coulon worked for Dion during his tenure as Trudeau’s first foreign affairs minister.

He’s now written a book about that experience with a focus on Trudeau’s foreign policy approach (which is Coulon’s journalistic beat). You don’t need to look far to find damning quotes. The title and cover image say it all.


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Canadians have much to be concerned about and if they rely on the MSM to keep them informed they country will eventually be irreversibly changed for the worse. Under Trudeau what was once a trickle has quickly become a stream, now a river and very shortly a full fledged flood and we have no ‘dike’ (aka border or laws) to stop it. None whatsoever. Our southern border is Canada’s soft underbelly. Our national police force (”we stand on guard for thee’) are forced to instead be mere bellhops. Helping carry suitcases or young children across snow or water filled ditches… Read more »