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After I’d spent a decade begging Republicans, including a few presidential candidates, to take up the immigration issue, Donald J. Trump came along, championed the entire thesis of Adios, America, and swept all contenders aside.

It’s too late for the likes of Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan to avoid humiliation, but if they don’t want to keep making asses of themselves in public by, for example, praising today’s version of the KKK, they should read my entire corpus of work, starting with Demonic. (Trump somehow grasped the whole point of that book, too.)

The reason normal people are suspicious of the media’s narrative on Charlottesville is that we’ve heard this exact same story many, many times before.

Facts on the ground:

— Approximately every other year since forever, liberal hooligans have been rampaging through the streets, beating people up, setting off bombs, killing cops, smashing store windows, assassinating politicians and burning down neighborhoods — against capitalism, Vietnam, Nixon, Wall Street, a police shooting, Trump, Starbucks, a sunny day.

— Conservatives, mostly families, have generally avoided even the mildest forms of political protest, and, when they finally are driven to petition the government over their grievances, they pick up after themselves — at tea parties, townhalls, Trump rallies and so on.

Result: The entire media are constantly on Red Alert for the threat of Right-Wing Violence.

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If Trump is to survive then he simply has to become proactive and screw this reactive B.S.  Fight back as though his Presidency depends on it.  And it does.  Anyone who is advising him to stay the reactive course, they are either Obama saboteurs and moles or they are incompetent.  Fire them all.  If he is spending a single moment of a single day worrying about how the media will howl, let them howl.  They will lie and misconstrue everything he does anyway.  Surely if directed to do so A.G. Sessions could appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Mueller without recusing himself.  (sarc off) Dick sums it up here so simply… Read more »


“It looks like the [Barack] Obama Administration is still running the FBI,” Clevenger added. So just exactly why is Obama still running the FBI, AG Sessions?  Morale must be crashing within the ranks of the 1000’s of front line officers who actually honour and respect their oath of office.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  Morale will be crashing.  Of that there can be no doubt.  America desperately needed a pit bull not a Labrador retriever to head the DOJ given the depth of the corruption which accelerated to warp speed during 8 years of Obama.  I have no doubt that Sessions is good, kind, soft spoken,… Read more »