Think Twice

The problem with Kathleen Wynne is that she doesn’t know she is dead yet.
The problem with Kathleen Wynne is that she doesn’t know she is dead yet.

With polls showing the only thing left for Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberals is the viewing of its corpse, voters anxious for that moment had best think twice about turning to the NDP as an answer to the myriad issues plaguing the province.

Now that Andrea Horwath’s Dippers are purportedly running neck-and-neck with the Tories under Doug Ford’s leadership, the electorate must catch up to the fact that Horwath is Wynne-on-steroids before allowing an ugly chapter in political history to repeat itself on June 7.

Horwath plans to outspend the Liberals by several billion dollars annually and her intentions to buy votes and make life more “affordable” will dwarf the prodigious debt and deficit accomplishments of the Wynne Liberals.

And then there is this. Horwath has a slate of candidates, by and large, second- and third-raters — activists, tin-hatted socialists and conservative haters and baiters — who represent a cabal who would turn the government over to the control of the unions the moment labour bosses hand over their list of wants.

Paying attention is more important now than ever.

When progressives look at Doug Ford, many see the incarnation of that dastardly Mike Harris, the former PC premier who brought in the Common Sense Revolution and did what few politicians have ever done.

He did what he said he would do.

But Doug Ford is no Mike Harris.

Unlike Harris, who moved rapidly to undo the fiscal damage done by the last NDP government in the province, namely the collective of accidental MPPs headed by Premier Bob Rae, Ford has promised to seek line-by-line cost efficiencies in the provincial books he anticipates will produce savings of at least 4%.

But he is also talking about running deficits that are totally uncharacteristic to true conservatives and spend more than Kathleen Wynne is currently spending without firing a single public servant.

In other words, he is not Mike Harris scary.


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