Things Are Getting Ugly

Tensions erupt in France as riot police fire tear gas at protestors.
Tensions erupt in France as riot police fire tear gas at protestors.

FRENCH riot police fired tear gas and arrested dozens as they clashed with yellow vest protesters for an 18th straight week of anti-government protests.

Protesters threw smoke bombs and cobblestones at officers near the up-market Champs-Elysees avenue. Fires were started in nearby streets, with at least one car erupting in flames. Protesters pounded the windows of a police van and kicked the side of large trucks, as riot police were forced to retreat.

Police used water cannons and tear gas to try to push back protesters.

The protesters started off peacefully with some carrying signs expressing solidarity with the victims of Friday’s mosque shooting in New Zealand.

But it quickly turned violent and a total of 44 protesters were arrested.

Protesters ransacked Fouquet’s brasserie, a popular eatery amongst politicians and celebrities, overturning chairs and tables and smashing windows.

They also vandalised neighbourhood boutiques, including Hugo Boss and Lacoste.


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