The Truth About Trudeau

How Canada was hoodwinked by a socialist monster.
How Canada was hoodwinked by a socialist monster.

Finally, after over 30 years of hagiographies, comes a book that sets the record straight and tells us the truth about Pierre Elliott Trudeau. In this unprecedented and meticulously researched sweep of the record, Globe and Mail bestselling author Bob Plamondon challenges the conventional wisdom that Trudeau was a great prime minister.

With new revelations, fresh insights, and in-depth analysis, Plamondon reveals that the man did not measure up to the myth. While no one disputes Trudeau’s intelligence, toughness, charisma, and the flashes of glamour he brought Canada, in the end the pirouettes were not worth the price.

Jack’s Book Review:

I’m about 26% of the way through this book and already I’m going ballistic when I learn how Trudeau pushed through the Canadian Charter without a referendum building on his idea that Canadians were far to stupid to be entrusted with deciding on such an important matter and refusing to utilize a clearly required device…the referendum.

In effect, Trudeau, a socialist monster made that decision all on his own for the rest of us because he didn’t trust us.

And what, exactly, did he give us?

He gave us the very same pathway to oblivion that fools like those who governed the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and many other South American countries have followed over the years, all of whom have ultimately failed and turned their countries into third world hell holes (think Haiti or Columbia.  Think Mexico!)

What is far worse is that he gave us a plan, through his Charter, that put our unelected courts in charge of the country.  Our representatives have no power whatsoever and in his own words he pointed that out several times to reporters.  We are ruled by judges, which was his intent and the book makes that point clear.

Suffice to say I have long suspected this to be true having worked in the justice system for decades but now, watching our current Prime Minister in action I can see why he does the things he does.  His belief, like his father, is to treat voters like mushrooms…keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.  His best friends are the Canadian media because they too have bought into the lie that Canada has lived with for over four decades.

My View:  It doesn’t have to be this way!

One elected MAJORITY Conservative government campaigning on the idea that the damage “PET” caused to this country can be reversed by the simple mechanism of suspending the Canadian Charter (that remains the power that a majority government still retains) until a new one can be written and then following through on that promise by trashing what is nothing other than an NDP Charter would be a big win for everyone as we return our country to the people who rightfully own it…the voters…who will decide through a referendum the next time.  Otherwise it’s back to the British North America Act (which I prefer simply because the UK parliament represents a truly “neutral” arbiter of our differences which pop up from time to time).

Finally I will state that our courts, who are occupied largely by Trudeau initiates, I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw and at my age that “ain’t” far at all.  We still have a few good judges and I appreciate them but within that mix we also have some genuine screwballs and that cannot be denied.

However I understand many of the brainwashed will disagree with me.

Good…followed by a warning.

Pay close attention to what is happening in the United States.  How much longer do you think Pierre Trudeau’s socialist dream can live in such a hostile environment?

I’ll tell you.  Not long at all and that’s my bottom line.  The simple truth is that Pierre Elliot Trudeau set our country on a false path, a path that will inevitably lead to our destruction unless we wake up.  A path that denigrates everything our forefathers fought and died for.  A path I do not in any way subscribe to and I do not apologize for that view “one iota”.

My Point: Read the book and decide for yourself!


A final point I missed was the question of WHO lumbered us with this idiot.

His name is Lester B. Pearson a fine man who believed that the Liberal Party of Canada was our future and who was “sucked in” by the moron he pushed. I don’t blame him but at the same time the Liberals are all about power and socialism in the here and now. Pearson at the time was a complete neophyte and could not have known about Trudeau’s plan for the future.

The last Canadian LIBERAL Prime Minister prior to Pearson was Louis St. Laurent, a man who still had a head on his shoulders:

By 1957 St. Laurent was 75 years old and tired. His party had been in power for 22 years, and by this time had accumulated too many factions and alienated too many groups. He was ready to retire, but was persuaded to fight one last campaign.[17] In the 1957 election, the Liberals won 200,000 more votes nationwide than the Progressive Conservatives (40.75% Liberals to 38.81% PC). However, most of those votes were wasted with huge majorities in Quebec. Largely due to dominating the rest of the country, the Progressive Conservatives took the greatest number of seats with 112 seats (42% of the House) to the Liberals’ 104 (39.2%). Some ministers wanted St. Laurent to stay on and offer to form a minority government, arguing that the popular vote had supported them and the party’s long years of experience would make them a more effective minority.

Another option circulated within the party saw the balance of power to be held by either the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and their 25 seats or Social Credit Party of Canada with their 15 seats. St-Laurent was encouraged by others to reach out to the CCF and at least four of six independent/small party MPs to form a coalition majority government, which would have held 134 of the 265 seats in Parliament—50.1% of the total. St. Laurent, however, had no desire to stay in office; he believed that the nation had passed a verdict against his government and his party. In any case, the CCF and Socreds had pledged to cooperate with a Tory government. It was very likely that St. Laurent would have been defeated on the floor of the House had he tried to stay in power with a minority government, and would not have stayed in office for long even if he survived that confidence vote. With this in mind, St. Laurent resigned on 21 June 1957—ending the longest uninterrupted run in government for a party at the federal level in Canadian history.[18]

I think my mother voted for him. I would have had I had the opportunity at the time but he was getting old and the “natural governing party”, which was changing, continued their march into oblivion over many years. Hopefully it will continue as more and more voters continue to learn the truth of our situation which isn’t good when we look at Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne.

Liberals=NDP=socialism=high taxation=political “sh*thouse”=unending debt.

The simple truth is that many like myself have lived this socialist nightmare, whether in the armed forces or in civilian policing, “old farts” who remember better times and “goldarnit” we’re angry for many reasons.

BTDT is not wrong when he points out that many in the FBI and RCMP lower ranks are also fit to be tied as they watch the ongoing BS. But that’s what you get when your superiors “suck up” and advanced while all the “left behinds”, honoring their oaths, retired rather than play the same stupid “socialist” games. I was one of them and truly I was getting tired and had no use for advancement in that very “sh**ty” crowd.

I couldn’t go there and I don’t regret it for a minute. Some things are far more important than others, at least to me. Especially the oaths I took, to my country, my Queen, and locally the oath I took to protect those under my jurisdiction. It all matters to me and still does. I carry the badge even in retirement to prove it and more to the point I use it once in awhile as more than one can testify to.

Some things really piss me off.

“Nuff said”…

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