The House Of The Living Dead

British Prime Minister Theresa May may have finally secured an exit, but it's her own.
British Prime Minister Theresa May may have finally secured an exit, but it’s her own.

Not even the ultimate political sacrifice, a promise of her own demise, could break the political paralysis, as Theresa May led her nation further into crisis.

The Withdrawal Agreement of the Prime Minister’s plan was defeated by 58 votes: 286-344.

Having already taken the UK to a cliff edge, and with all odds stacked against it, the British Prime Minister insisted on giving her much maligned deal one last shot.

She was determined until the end to succeed, despite being repeatedly told by her democratically-elected colleagues in the House of Commons that they wouldn’t stand for it.

For so long seen as a sign of strength, her doggedness is now widely thought to come down to her inability to compromise.

The threat of a lengthy delay to Brexit by one or even two years saw some of her staunchest opponents jump on board.

The third vote brought a closer result, but not close enough.

Asked why a third vote was even being held, one cabinet minister was quoted by the BBC as saying “f**k knows. I’m past caring, it’s like the living dead in here.”

It’s the closest the Prime Minister has come to passing her deal but after three failed attempts her future — as well as the country’s — is bleak.

‘A matter of profound regret’

“I think it should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this House that once again we have been unable to support leaving the European Union in an orderly fashion,” Mrs May said to the House of Commons following the defeat.

“The implications of the House’s decision are grave.


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