The Four Amigos

Since December, Canada’s economy has shed nearly 50,000 jobs.
Since December, Canada’s economy has shed nearly 50,000 jobs.

It’s nice to have an ally.

We suppose that, strictly speaking, Ontario’s Premier-Designate Doug Ford is not an ally of Alberta on the federal carbon tax. After all, Alberta’s provincial NDP government is officially in favour of the Trudeau government’s tax.

But given that well over two-thirds of the people of Alberta are against carbon taxes – Alberta’s own, as well as Ottawa’s – the incoming Tory government in Ontario is at least an ally of Albertans.

On Friday, Ford announced the very first acts of his new cabinet, when it is sworn in in a couple of weeks, will be to end Ontario’s version of a carbon tax and to “use all available resources at the disposal of the government to challenge the federal government’s authority to arbitrarily impose a (federal) carbon tax.”

Ah, music to our ears.

The reason Ford’s opposition is so important is that the Trudeau government in Ottawa has been getting very little pushback on its plan to introduce a nationwide “price” on carbon dioxide emissions.

Saskatchewan is opposed and planning to take the feds to court to stop their plan. And Manitoba is halfway opposed. It will introduce a carbon tax like Ottawa commands, but one that is only about 40 per cent the size of the Trudeau tax.

Now Ontario, the country’s largest province, is going to join the legal challenge. That can only make the Trudeau government’s task more difficult, which is a very good thing.

Our very “green” federal government is undeterred.


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