Tehran Is In Deep ‘Doodoo’

Washington can galvanize its actions through its active support of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom.
Washington can galvanize its actions through its active support of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom.

Less than four weeks after the U.S. administration imposed the first round of sanctions on Iran, we are already witnessing a flood of international companies suspending their business plans with Tehran.

The Trump administration now needs a strong public relations campaign to explain to the world and the Iranian people how these sanctions specifically target the ruling regime and actually benefit the people in their struggle for freedom against the ruling clerics. The rest is on the shoulders of Iranians themselves.

Looking back

It is important to remember that the Obama administration also imposed crippling sanctions back in 2012. While enjoying international support, those sanctions unfortunately led to negotiations resulting in a highly flawed 2015 Iran nuclear, permitting the Iranian regime to continue its domestic crackdown, wreak havoc across the Middle East, and continue advancing ballistic missiles and secret nuclear ambitions in uninspected sites.

The Trump administration has based its policy on strongly imposing these sanctions without the loopholes we have witnessed placed by previous U.S. administrations. The goal is to levy unprecedented economic pressure on the Iranian regime.

Executing sanctions should not be considered an easy task. The Obama administration began its efforts back in 2010 and was able to gradually gain the cooperation of Russia, China and various Asian countries. Similar sanctions spearheaded by the U.S. Treasury Department also date back to the Bush administration.

Managing sanctions and coordinating with banks and major companies demands a wide-ranging effort. For example, a money-laundering network in Georgia was run by three individuals linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) who had established relations with banks, launched flight companies and were busy whitewashing money through South Korea, Georgia and other countries.

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