zimbabwe politics

Rebels supporting Mugabe and armed by the Soviet Union achieved independence in 1980 for the country once known as Rhodesia, about the size of Montana.

Here’s What Happened When Zimbabwe Seized White Farmers’ Land.

Darryn Smart, centre, was allowed to return to his farm in December in what was widely seen as a signal Mr Mnangagwa wanted to settle the land issue. Credit: Farai Mutsaka/AP

Emmerson Mnangagwa offers Zimbabwe’s white farmers 99 year leases in bid to resolve land issue.

Mugabe resigns for ‘smooth transfer of power’.

Robert Mugabe ‘to resign in return for FULL IMMUNITY deal’.

Zimbabwe exiled PM Morgan Tsvangirai returns with Robert Mugabe fate ‘still uncertain’.

Apparent Coup in Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe in Military Custody.

Civil war becoming real threat for South Africa, missionary reports.