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As bad as the administrative state is in the United States, it is even worse in many other countries.

Globally, people are fed up with being micro-managed by far-away government bureaucrats, who are more concerned about their own powers and perks than the people who have to suffer from rules in which they had no say.

Mr. Simpson decided to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights during the same week that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein balked at testifying.

Middleman pleads Fifth as Republicans close in on Clinton-Justice Russia collusion conspiracy

Vaclav Klaus says election of Trump was 'shock' that the U.S. political system needed.

Ex-Czech president calls for revolution to save sovereignty of European countries from EU.

The unsinkable Donald Trump

Many shrewd political observers believe that Mr. Trump, like the famed Timex watch that “took a lickin’ but kept on tickin,’” will somehow weather the continuing storm.

The court is “ineffective, unaccountable and, indeed, outright dangerous.”

Bolton bolsters Trump’s ‘America first’ foreign policy with robust defense of U.S. sovereignty.

Administration supporters say Mr. Trump is introducing a needed element of “tough love” by forcing recipient nations and regional countries directly affected by crises to step up their own efforts.

Trump rejects Marshall Plan nation-building, opts for ‘tough love’ foreign policy.