war on drugs

While the ban officially went into effect Monday, it remains unclear whether the government will prioritize its enforcement across the thousands of far-flung Chinese chemical factories capable of producing the valuable narcotic.

China Bans Fentanyl, Bowing to U.S. Pressure

Imagine how many lives and families we could save if we could reduce overdose deaths by 65 percent nationally.

Addiction is a dire nationwide crisis that’s killing 134 people a day – that’s one life every eight minutes. We must do more to fight it.

Most fentanyl enters Canada via the mail, thanks to an antiquated law. Why hasn’t the government acted?

For fentanyl importers, Canada Post is the shipping method of choice

Upon sniffing the car — her tail wagging and nose bouncing off the van — Doods began to signal there were drugs, but her attempt to sit was impeded by a concrete barrier near the vehicle.

If she doesn’t sit, you must acquit: Man beats drug charge thanks to sniffer dog’s ‘partial’ signal

According to National Safety Council’s grim death statistics, whatever is being stopped along our porous border is nowhere near enough. The problem is getting worse as Democrats party in Puerto Rico.

Accidental Opioid Deaths Top Car Accident Deaths for the First Time

Chinese police patrol in front of the Canadian embassy in Beijing on December 14, 2018.

Chinese court orders new trial for Canadian in drug case.

An OPP officer holds a bag of deadly fentanyl pills. Even the dark web is shying away from the drug.

Dark web backing off deadly fentanyl trade.

With evidence from federal authorities that Honduran government and law enforcement officials are complicit in a major drug trafficking operation run by the president’s own brother, there’s no telling the level of criminals making their way north in the caravan.

Honduran President’s Brother Charged for Trafficking Tons of Drugs with Help of National Police & Politicians

Three of Cubangbang's associates - nurse John Gargan, office manager Michael Kellerman and crew chief Loran Piquant - were also charged by prosecutors.

Five New York City doctors charged over illegal prescription drug mill dishing out millions of opioids without even examining patients.

Paramedics and police have to deal with people who have taken the drug. Pictured is PC Shaun Hewitt and paramedics with a collapsed Monkey Dust user.

City under siege from new drug called monkey dust that turns users into violent super-strong maniacs.

A vote is taken during the Liberal Party of Canada convention in Montreal on Sunday Feb. 23, 2014. Joel LeMay / Postmedia Network

‘A complete mess in this country’: Liberal Party resolution to decriminalize use of all drugs criticized.