venezuela dictatorship

A street during a blackout in Caracas, Venezuela, March 8, 2019.

The lights have been out for a while in Venezuela, but none of this should surprise us. We have literally seen this before.

Venezuela armoured car smashes through barricades, soldiers surrender in Columbia.

Venezuela’s Guaido set to meet Pence, ‘formally’ requests aid to topple Maduro

Chavez and Maduro destroyed what was once a prosperous nation. Many on the Canadian left have spent decades defending them.

He’s shooting starving Venezuelans, yet somehow Canadian socialists still support Maduro

Members of the Venezuelan army and National Guard block the main access to the Tienditas International Bridge that links Colombia and Venezuela, Feb. 7, 2019.Fernando Llano/AP

Venezuelans ‘ready to fight back’ against Maduro government as military blocks U.S. aid