us foreign relations

Administration supporters say Mr. Trump is introducing a needed element of “tough love” by forcing recipient nations and regional countries directly affected by crises to step up their own efforts.

Trump rejects Marshall Plan nation-building, opts for ‘tough love’ foreign policy.

The Trump administration is finally swinging the big stick of tariffs and sanctions as a non-lethal substitute for diplomatic or even military action.

Trump is proving America’s power through economic warfare.

Only a return to the multilateral approach can solve the problems of the global trade order.

Global trade has bigger problems than Donald Trump, and bilateral deals are not the solution.

The uncertainty caused by the re-imposition of the sanctions have proved devastating for the Iranian economy, which was already weakened by decades of previous sanctions and mismanagement and theft by high-ranking officials.

Iran crowds reportedly chant ‘death to the dictator!’ as US sanctions increase economic unrest.

All of the above organizations and agencies should be abolished.

Destructive international organizations and a second-best choice.