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Daily Video 24/02/19

Mike Huckabee on the Trump administration’s handling of the crisis in Venezuela

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Green Bay, Wisc., in August 2016.

The word covers every contact between anyone connected to Trump and anyone connected to Russia, with no need to show that a crime was committed.

Pelosi has denied claims they haven't provided a counteroffer.

Trump threatens to close border, terminate trade deals, cut aid unless wall is funded

Daily Video 27/12/18

Gorka: President Trump is reversing Obama’s oxymoronic foreign policy and is reasserting American leadership overseas.

No political leader anywhere in the world is truer to Adam Smith’s prescriptions for free trade than Donald Trump.

Trump’s tariff war has one surprisingly strong supporter: Adam Smith

Administration supporters say Mr. Trump is introducing a needed element of “tough love” by forcing recipient nations and regional countries directly affected by crises to step up their own efforts.

Trump rejects Marshall Plan nation-building, opts for ‘tough love’ foreign policy.