us foreign relations

The embassy move could turn out to be his most enduring presidential achievement.

The embassy move, accomplished by coordination of two branches of government, is unlikely to face reversal.

America has urged Angela Merkel's Germany to stop business with Iran.

‘Wind down operations NOW!’ US orders Merkel to stop German firms working in Iran.

The weak always fear the strong because among other things it exposes their weakness.

Given the kind of threats we face from enemies who better fit those adjectives, John Bolton seems an ideal pick to advise the president on national security issues he knows a great deal about.

The renegotiated deal addresses two of Trump’s most prominent trade complaints.

Trump Leverages Steel Tariff to Secure Trade Concessions from South Korea

Trump holds the high cards when it comes to China, and, unlike his predecessors, he knows it.

Beijing can huff and puff, but America holds the high cards. Expect the Chinese to back down quickly—or watch their economy and political system fall apart.

A Hawk Without Illusions

John Bolton Terrifies Those Committed to the Internationalist Status Quo.