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Storm clouds are gathering over the Chinese economy as the United States rolls out a new round of tariffs.

Typhoon Trump signals stormy times ahead in China trade war.

The International Energy Agency expects Venezuela’s output to drop to 1 million barrels a day by the end of 2018.

North Dakota Is Producing As Much Oil As The Entire Country Of Venezuela (Jack: And likely Canada because we can’t get our oil to market. Socialism and kangaroo courts backed by a bogus Charter continue to work their magic.)

Administration supporters say Mr. Trump is introducing a needed element of “tough love” by forcing recipient nations and regional countries directly affected by crises to step up their own efforts.

Trump rejects Marshall Plan nation-building, opts for ‘tough love’ foreign policy.

The opioid crisis is, in part, the result of a nation that lost hope in its future and a bureaucracy that encouraged us into dependency.

Too much of Trump’s time is spent cleaning up Obama’s and the Democrats’ deadly messes.

The media fixation hands Trump the initiative.

The president benefits from the economy—and from his enemies.

The Trump administration is finally swinging the big stick of tariffs and sanctions as a non-lethal substitute for diplomatic or even military action.

Trump is proving America’s power through economic warfare.

China is running out of retaliatory tariffs against the US and has watched other major parties like the EU and Japan close ranks against it.

China should cut its losses in the trade war by conceding defeat to Donald Trump.

Trump is building a new grand coalition for the 21st century. And in any century, that is how you win.

Virgil: President Trump’s Focus Is Where It Should Be — on China.