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The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration -- which seeks to criminalize criticism of migration -- is nothing more or less than a dangerous effort to weaken national borders, normalize mass migration, blur the line between legal and illegal immigration, and bolster the idea that people claiming to be refugees enjoy a panoply of rights in countries where they have never before set foot.

Briefly put, whatever this deal is or is not, it is definitely not good news for the West, for freedom, or for national identity and security.

Why would any country on earth sign up to a deal so very obviously against the interests of its nationals?

The UN’s Sinister Blueprint for Globalist Migration Hell

Marine life is facing “irreparable damage” from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year, the United Nations has warned. “This is a planetary crisis… we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean,” UN oceans chief Lisa Svensson But how does this happen, where is most at risk […]

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