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The European Union could collapse if a new financial crisis targets the euro.

Brussels in ‘vulnerable’ position and THIS ‘could prove fatal’ predicts expert.

In essence, the people’s revolt against Macronism speaks to a profound crisis of legitimacy among the 21st-century political class and a willingness within the public to kick up a fuss about things they might previously have been silent about.

The ‘gilet jaunes’ — or yellow-vests, after the hi-vis vests they wear — are in rebellion against Macron’s hikes in fuel tax.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May, speaks on the second day of the G20 Leader's Summit, in Buenos Aires.

U.K.’s PM Theresa May talks trade as domestic troubles mount over Brexit deal

One of the 'yellow vest' protesters, wearing one of the 'gilets jaunes' after which the movement is named, waves a French flag by the Arc de Triomphe on Saturday morning.

Fresh violence in Paris as riot police use tear gas and batons to fight back masked fuel protesters near the Arc de Triomphe

Police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators.

BRUSSELS IN FLAMES: French riots spread to Belgium – HUNDREDS go on rampage at home of EU

The Prime Minister will fly to Brussels tomorrow for talks with Jean Claude-Juncker, the president of the European Commission, before sealing the deal at a summit with EU leaders on Sunday.

A total of 87 Tory MPs — or half of Theresa May’s backbenchers — could reject her Brexit backstop plan