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Tensions erupt in France as riot police fire tear gas at protestors.

PARIS in flames: Tensions in France erupt- Riot police fire tear gas at furious protestors

Asked whether the EU would ultimately agree to extend talks under Article 50, the German reporter warned European leaders could exploit the situation to win political points on the domestic front.

Member states dividing over extension – ‘Brexit CHAOS moves to Brussels’

Theresa May abandons plans to travel to Brussels after talks with Jean-Claude Juncker.

Theresa May calls off Brussels trip and EU27 summoned for secret meeting

Britain has secured a deal with the World Trade Organization (WTO)

UK secures WTO agreement – US praises ‘IMPORTANCE of Britain’

The economists warned the ECB's policy to combat recession leaves citizens out of pocket.

Germany crisis warning: Taxpayers’ cash at risk – ‘State won’t go bankrupt, citizens will’

The yellow vest protests began three months ago (Image: Getty Images)

Rivals lose patience over Yellow Vests – ‘We no longer tolerate it!’

Tony Blair has demanded a new Brexit referendum during a speech in Munich.

Nelson, Wellington, Churchill and Thatcher (to mention only a few), wherever they are, must be having a fit as this idiot sells his country out. Traitor is far to kind a word to describe a socialist lout interested only in money.

The European Commission today demanded Italy confirm its stance on the project.

Brussels threatens Italy with ransom if it pulls out of French rail project

Angela Merkel's Germany dodge EU rules by using the country's constitution.

How Merkel’s Germany is legally allowed to ignore EU rules all other nations cave in to

British Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the EU in 1973 (Image: GETTY)

How politicians ‘conspired to keep truth about Brussels away from people’

The UK is one of the most influential powers in the world, a study has found.

UK is world’s 2nd most powerful nation claims study – and Brexit will not impact dominance

Emmanuel Macron is under huge pressure following weeks of violent protests.

EU To Implode: Bloc must ‘change now’ after one of its ‘worst years’ in history – experts

Security forces hold back protesters as Barcelona gripped by wave of demonstrations against PM.

Spain chaos as Catalan separatists riot at Spanish PM’s arrival

High-vis yellow vests will be donned again in less than 24 hours.

Tomorrow’s Yellow Vest violence set to be worst so far – and its spreading

Fabio Pacucci revealed a huge black hole could swallow Earth.

Billion-mile-wide supermassive black hole poised to swallow Earth whole, scientist warns.

There were two major search and rescue efforts.

The real reason flight recorder pings failed to locate the lost jet.

The European Union could collapse if a new financial crisis targets the euro.

Brussels in ‘vulnerable’ position and THIS ‘could prove fatal’ predicts expert.

The potential modification of the ships could turn them from Self defence to military-ready weapons.

World War 3: China warns Japan over plan to convert aircraft carriers for fighter jets

Police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators.

BRUSSELS IN FLAMES: French riots spread to Belgium – HUNDREDS go on rampage at home of EU