uk-eu relations

She’d have held out for independence, deal or no deal with Europe (or Ireland) and looked to America, Canada, and the other freedom countries as the way forward.

How would the Iron Lady handle what the nervous Nellies are calling a colossal constitutional crisis?

One of the aides said the “only way” she could win round Eurosceptics was by promising to quit by the end of the year.

Despite hopes of a Brexit breakthrough, many believe the U.K.’s May is ‘finished’

Asked whether the EU would ultimately agree to extend talks under Article 50, the German reporter warned European leaders could exploit the situation to win political points on the domestic front.

Member states dividing over extension – ‘Brexit CHAOS moves to Brussels’

Theresa May (pictured last night in the Commons) signalled she could hold a third vote on her Brexit deal as the only way to get Britain out of the EU withing weeks.

May will hold a THIRD vote on her Brexit deal next week as chaos reigns after MPs vote 321 to 278 to block No Deal

Theresa May abandons plans to travel to Brussels after talks with Jean-Claude Juncker.

Theresa May calls off Brussels trip and EU27 summoned for secret meeting

Some say a second referendum is now the only way out, though critics argue that a so-called People's Vote would destroy faith in democracy - given the country already voted in 2016.

Brexit stretches arcane British parliament to breaking point

The problem with the EU is ‘we don’t really know who is running it,’ said the former UK foreign secretary.

How do you kick EU ‘bastards’ out, asks Boris Johnson

Britain has secured a deal with the World Trade Organization (WTO)

UK secures WTO agreement – US praises ‘IMPORTANCE of Britain’

Away from Brexit, Juncker’s robotic insistence that the answer to the EU’s wider problems — from its troubled currency to migration — is “more Europe” is stoking populist anger across the bloc.

Jean-Claude Juncker’s devotion to ‘ever closer union’ helped provoke a backlash

Tony Blair has demanded a new Brexit referendum during a speech in Munich.

Nelson, Wellington, Churchill and Thatcher (to mention only a few), wherever they are, must be having a fit as this idiot sells his country out. Traitor is far to kind a word to describe a socialist lout interested only in money.