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Jennifer Keesmaat had ‘bold ideas.’ She offered ‘progressive proposals.’ She had ‘vision.’ What she didn’t have was much of a plan to bring it about.

Toronto voters decide bland John Tory is more likely to produce results.

Toronto election fringe candidate Faith Goldy storms the stage at a candidates' debate in September. She was removed by police.

Bell believed it would suffer ‘commercial harm’ by running far-right Toronto candidate’s election ad: documents

Ontario’s top court ruled Wednesday that when voters go to the polls in Toronto Oct. 22, they will do so in a 25-ward election.

In fight over Toronto election, Ontario’s top court finds ‘unfair’ doesn’t equal ‘unconstitutional’.

Doug Ford’s idea, so to speak, of trimming the number of simians approaching the typewriter has engaged more press attention than the NAFTA talks and Trans Mountain combined.

Constitutional hell has been unleashed over… the size of Toronto’s council?

Daily Video 01/08/18

Media’s reaction to Toronto shooting “looked orchestrated” | Manny Montenegrino

Mayor John Tory was once a leading voice for reasonable gun policy, rightly focusing on criminal gangs. Too bad he succumbed to grandstanding.

Cheap, anti-gun theatrics from Toronto politicians won’t stop another shooting.