The British special forces soldier enters the building in Nairobi, Kenya, carrying his modified colt Canada rifle.

Pictured: The moment lone hero SAS trooper stormed into Kenyan hotel and exchanged fire with Islamist terrorists who slaughtered 21 – then helped free terrified survivors

Spare a thought for those killed yesterday. We hardly do. Not anymore, not unless the death toll's three figures.

Because we won’t put up security barriers where they count – at the nation’s border – we have to have ever more intrusive and constricting security on everything within the border.

That the work of a respected scholar ended up classified as intellectual spider-venom should sound an earsplitting alarm here in Canada.

A cautionary tale of anti-terrorism run amok in the U.K.

If you wage war against Canada, you’ve forfeited the privileges, rights and freedoms of Canadian citizenship.

The Liberal government just doesn’t take security and counter-terrorism seriously

Daily Video 01/08/18

Media’s reaction to Toronto shooting “looked orchestrated” | Manny Montenegrino

Hamas uses war as a means to pay for more wars.

When you degrade your enemy’s power, he is weaker and can hurt you less. When you empower your enemy, he is stronger and can hurt you more (destroy Hamas financially).

It’s difficult to find complete data on either U.S. or Chinese drone sales, but figures that are available show China poised to tap into markets that the U.S. has avoided.

China dominates armed-drone market by selling to customers in terrorist hotbeds.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers remarks on the Trump administration’s Iran policy at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, May 21, 2018.

Pompeo: U.S. to Implement ‘Strongest Sanctions in History’ Against Iran.

Israeli Merkava Tank...

By striking Iran in Tehran as well as Syria, Israel opened another war arena outside Syria.

Europol's investigation is still ongoing, and arrests could follow.

EU, US police cripple Islamic State media mouthpieces.