Picture dated probably in 1930s in Moscow of Yossif Vissarionovitch Dzhugashvili known as Joseph Stalin ("man of steel", 1879-1953).

Young people and their troubling views on socialism and communism

Bolton mocked the leaders, comparing them to The Three Stooges.

Bolton: U.S. Will No Longer Appease ‘Troika of Tyranny’ in Latin America

There were 2,894 last month; state of Colima recorded the highest per-capita rate.

September second worst month for homicides; 2018 could become worst year ever.

Jair Bolsonaro may not be perfect but at least he has acquired the reputation as being a very honest politician who appears seriously concerned about the current state of widespread corruption and violence in the country.

It is not the jaw-dropping murder rate or endemic corruption which marks every aspect of public life and office in the South America nation, for they are but symptoms of the greater affliction: decade upon decade of left-wing government. Reformer Jair Bolsonaro aims to change that.

Senior figures in the party say it is the ‘only credible way’ she could stay in post if her Chequers plans fail.

Tory Eurosceptics give Theresa May ‘Canada or quit’ ultimatum if her Brexit plans fail.

After the EU rejected her Chequers plan last week at a summit in the Austrian city of Salzburg, she blamed the bloc for the negotiating 'impasse' and insisted that 'no deal is better than a bad deal'.

Annual Conservatives conference under siege by May defending Brexit conundrum from all sides.