quantum computing

The computer itself is in a 9-foot-tall, 9-foot-wide glass cube that maintains the exact correct temperature and other conditions it needs to do its work – a kind of fragility that means that you can’t just order one and have it delivered; customers will access it via the IBM Cloud.

IBM unveils the world’s first quantum computer that businesses can actually use to solve previously impossible problems

Powerful computers capable of mind-boggling calculations have moved a step closer to becoming a reality, thanks to a breakthrough at Intel. This image shows a prototype device created with the help of Dutch firm QuTech.

Could we soon all be using QUANTUM PCs? Intel reveals a breakthrough silicon chip that brings powerful, hack-proof computers ‘one step closer’.

The researchers plan to extend the new quantum repeater devices to work with larger networks.

New quantum repeater paves the way for long-distance big quantum data transmission.

A radar gun can track a baseball as it moves from the pitcher’s hand to home plate. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

If an object in the quantum world travels from one location to another, researchers can’t measure exactly when it has left nor when it will arrive. The limits of physics impose a tiny delay on detecting it.

IBM reveals record-breaking ‘quantum chandelier’ in race to revolutionise computing.

How future quantum computers will threaten today’s encrypted data.

China in quantum breakthrough as ‘unhackable’ experimental satellite sends first message.

The Quantum Computer Revolution Is Closer Than You May Think.