progressive politics

If there is one thread running through progressive views it is denialism.

Examine each of the beliefs of progressives. Translated into policy and action, none will improve the lot of the developed and civilized Western world.

The people to whom Democrats condescend express similar feelings about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, who are lionized for standing up to that condescension.

Of course the Democrats are still mad for Beto: He is who they are.

If NAFTA 2.0 fails it will be because both the Liberals and your CPC are holding fast to the dairy supply management system at the expense of other sectors.

The crux of the matter is that you need to become the strong leader those of us who voted for you hoped you would be and the CPC needs to be the party of independent thinking and creative policies that are different from the progressive Liberals.

If you have genuinely conservative principles hidden somewhere on your person, be ready to act boldly and swiftly on them when opportunity knocks.

Why should Maxime Bernier wait? Haven’t we all waited long enough?

The European Union-driven ban on halogen lightbulbs comes into effect at the end of the month and means householders will have to buy more expensive LED lights.

Whose bright idea was that? EU will ban halogen bulbs at the end of the month – after encouraging us to buy them – making lighting our homes TWICE as expensive.

Bay du Nord offshore oil project would trigger payment obligations under a UN agreement, which conflicts with Atlantic Accord .

Why Newfoundland could soon be fighting Ottawa over paying oil money to other countries.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella rejected a Eurosceptic finance minister.

Political chaos in Italy a potential boon for euroskeptic parties.