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In denying the allegations, Fedeli suggested Brown was using his book to carry out personal vendettas.

Doug Ford says sexual misconduct allegations against minister are ‘smear campaign,’ slams ‘lies’ in Patrick Brown book.

The contest to lead the PC Party has been chaotic, partly due to the compressed timeframe.

Patrick Brown has dropped his bid to recapture the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party.

Some letters in secret codes mailed to party members for electronic voting appear to be numbers, breeding confusion, says Frank Klees, a former cabinet ministerJACK BOLAND / TORONTO SUN

Ex-MP Frank Klees says botched online system could doom Ontario PC leadership vote.

Brown's alleged misconduct very much remains a live story, and might through the provincial campaign.

Patrick Brown shows it’s all about him, no matter the collateral damage to Ontario PCs.

Granic Allen is the candidate with the clearest policy positions of the bunch so far. If you want a straight-up social conservative who knows what she stands for, she’s it.

Confusion, aggressive ignorance dominate in first Tory leadership debate.

Patrick Brown leaves the PC Party Headquarters on Adelaide St E. after he registers to run for the PC Party leadership race on Friday February 16, 2018 in Toronto.Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun

If Brown truly cared about Ontarians, and if he genuinely felt this was about defeating Kathleen Wynne’s politically-corrupt Liberals, then he would stay on the sidelines, clear his name and be part of the broader team that can win the election in June.

Patrick Brown broke a near two week silence on Tuesday afternoon.

And just like that, Patrick Brown has turned the tables.

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown boasted about his party's high number of memberships. Ernest Doroszuk/Postmedia/File

Patrick Brown likely ‘inflated’ membership numbers — by 70,000, says Ontario PC official.

A Queen's Park legislative staff member removes former PC leader Patrick Brown's office name on Jan. 26, 2018, after he stepped down over allegations of sexual misconduct.Nathan Denette/CP

Ontario Tories demonstrate that they have mastered the arts of political suicide.

The #metoo movement has created a feeding frenzy where allegations have sparked so much emotion and knee-jerk reaction, that destroying a man has never been easier.

CTV Reporter Fails To Disclose Friendship With Brown Accuser.

The accused men, clockwise from top left: Patrick Brown, Kent Hehr, Paul Bliss and Rick Dykstra. Ernest Doroszuk/Postmedia; Jim Wells/Postmedia; CTV; Julie Jocsak/Postmedia

For the accused men overtaken by the #MeToo tsunami, there is no recovery.

Many long-suffering Tories who don’t fit Brown’s Liberal-lite People’s Guarantee mold will welcome a Doug Ford leadership bid, Chris Selley writes.Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

The Ontario Tories present a compelling example of how the seemingly democratic approach of giving individual party members a say comes at the risk of civil war.

Ontario PC party interim leader Vic Fedeli is congratulated after a caucus meeting at Queen's Park in Toronto on Friday, January 26, 2018. Fedeli has been named interim leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservatives after Patrick Brown's resignation in the face of sexual misconduct allegations.Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS

Sun Tzu famously wrote: “in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Criminality has never been the standard by which we judge our fellow human beings, including our elected representatives, and nor should it be.

There’s no justice in politics. Morons win, geniuses lose and Patrick Brown can be ousted without due process.

Little of the Tories’ appeal had to do with Brown: most recent polls showed the party with an 8-10-point lead, and that half of Ontarians had no opinion about him.

For Ontario PCs, at least Patrick Brown wasn’t well liked — and Wynne still isn’t.

I can think of almost nothing that requires less fortitude than accusing someone else of wrongdoing when your own face, name and identity are hidden.

What happened to Brown is fundamentally wrong. Every man in the world is now vulnerable.

No hidden agenda, Patrick Brown’s a Red Tory.

Thumbs up on Brown’s pledge to kill Green Energy Act.

Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC “People’s Guarantee!”