ontario taxation

Ford said while the pace has been fast, he doesn’t intend to let up.

After fast and furious 2018, Ford will keep foot on the gas in new year.

For those still stuck on a carbon tax, ask yourself why Trudeau’s 4.5 cent-per-litre tax would turn the tide when higher existing gasoline taxes haven’t done so.

With pragmatic new climate change plan, Ontario offers antidote to eco-hysteria.

Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford arrives at the Postmedia offices in Toronto for an interview with the Toronto Sun on Friday June 8, 2018.

Doug Ford determined to scrap ‘disastrous’ cap-and-trade.

Those were the days when beer came in stubby bottles.

PC government would reintroduce ‘buck-a-beer’ to Ontario, Ford promises.

Understated expenses. Overstated revenues. Hidden debts. Conveniently optimistic assumptions. One wishes this were unusual. But Ontario is not even the worst offender.

Take the books away from the cooks and have impartial accounting of government finances.

W5's Kevin Newman exposes organized crime and the world of contraband tobacco, which costs government coffers billions in lost revenues and enriches criminals.

Organized crime behind contraband tobacco costs governments billions (Ed: My heart pumps pure piss for them as they try to tax tobacco out of existence and the idea blows up in their faces.)

Other cities on the shortlist include Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Dallas and Miami. Amazon said it will make its decision later this year.

Toronto makes shortlist for Amazon’s second headquarters.

Tax hike on Ontario smokes a boon for black market.

Little return on billions poured into Ontario education.